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Our reality

  • The TYCHOS book + 3D simulator -A new model of our solar system. This model is "fully consistent with astronomical observation, physical reality and sheer logic" (Simon Shack).
  • The TYCHOS Forum -A new Forum since July 2022. Dedicated to the TYCHOS.

Mass deception

  • SEPTEMBER CLUES -9/11 - analyze of the evidence shows a big Hoax.
  • The MOON HOAX -We never went to the moon. If you can't make it, fake it.
  • Radio Cui Bono's show -Mediacritical radio. Examples of topics: The TYCHOS (the brilliant Simon Shack, who is the creator of the TYCHOS system and also behind SEPTEMBER CLUES, and the skilled programmer Patrik Holmqvist, who is the developer of the TYCHOSIUM 3D simulator, are participating in several episodes), the corona circus, vaccines, the moon landing hoax and much more. Note: Most of the episodes are in Swedish. Some are in English.
  • HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE -This is a copy of the site holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com which now seems to have been removed. I have saved it here because I think this is very important information which should be available for all to read. This is sensitive information and in some countries it is forbidden to question the Holocaust and even forbidden to investigate the facts! Why is this forbidden? The only reason must be that somebody wants to hide the real truth. Please read and think. I give you the information but you have to do the thinking.

    1. This page contains some disturbing photos and information.
    2. This page is big (about 33 MB). It will take some time to load if your internet connection is slow.

Life and death


  • What really makes you ill? -This is a thick book with a lot of information. Very important to read if you want to understand how to stay (or become) healthy!
    Some facts from the book:
    • All medicines are poison. Stay away from all!
    • "The dose makes the poison". False statement, poison is poison, no matter the dose!
    • "Vaccines are effective and safe". Nothing could be further from the truth. Vaccines are ineffective and dangerous.
    • There's no scientific proof that "viruses" makes you sick. Viruses are inert and not alive.
    • And much more...

Last updated August 2022