The TYCHOS book and 3D Simulator

The TYCHOS (opens in a new tab) is a new model of our solar system. It is “fully consistent with astronomical observation, physical reality and sheer logic” (Simon Shack).

The 3D simulator has become so good, that it is now the most exact simulator of our solar system in existence. It is free and easy to use and easy to get started. Click on the link above and choose “The TYCHOSIUM”, then run the simulator online within your web browser. Check it out!

The book explains how everything works and the history and the extensive research behind it. It explains in detail many problems with the common believed theory of our solar system and how these problems actually strongly falsifies the current theory. Not only that, the TYCHOS book solves these problems in a logical way, and each solved problem give strong proof for the TYCHOS model. The book is a highly recommended reading for anybody interested in the solar system and who wants to know how it truly works. You don’t need to be a highly trained astronomer to be able to understand it. It is written in a way so everybody can understand it.