Flying High in Spirit

Flying High in Spirit (opens in a new tab) is a wonderful and easy to read book about the Afterlife. Highly recommended!

An excerpt from a review: Mikey Morgan is a very advanced being who last incarnated on earth in the 1600s. He continued after his last earth-lifetime to advance in the afterlife levels over centuries, eventually reaching the mid-sixth-level of the afterlife, very near the Source. Life there is perfect! But Mikey and other advanced beings have become concerned about the state of life on earth in the twenty-first century, the hatred and violence, and the inability of most of us to make much spiritual progress. Mikey has long been a teacher in the afterlife levels. What he wanted to do was to teach on earth, so he accepted an optional brief earth-lifetime that ended in 2007. His pre-birth plan had been that he would re-accustom himself to life on earth, and then for the balance of his mother’s life he would teach us through the veil in the language of a modern twenty-year-old. Flying High in Spirit is Mikey’s first book, dictated to his mother by pendulum. He begins by recounting in fascinating detail his unexpected death, his return to the afterlife levels, and his dawning recall of who he is and what his pre-birth plan had been. Mikey’s vivid account of how the afterlife levels feel to someone who has just returned, the sights and the activities, and his description of how he manages to reassure and comfort his family on earth all make for fascinating reading.