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Holocaust deprogramming course

Holocaust deprogramming course Holocaust (opens in a new tab) This is a copy of the site holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com which now seems to have been removed. I have saved it here because I think this is very important information which should be available for all to read. This is sensitive information and in some countries it is forbidden to question the Holocaust and even forbidden to investigate the facts! Why? The only reason must be that somebody wants to hide the real truth....

May 10, 2023
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Radio Cui Bono

Radio Cui Bono Radio Cui Bono (opens in a new tab) is a mediacritical radio show ("Mediakritisk radio som du förmodligen aldrig hört den förr."). Examples of topics: The TYCHOS (the brilliant Simon Shack, who is the creator of the TYCHOS system and also behind SEPTEMBER CLUES, and the skilled programmer Patrik Holmqvist, who is the developer of the TYCHOSIUM 3D simulator, are participating in several episodes) The corona circus Vaccines The moon landing hoax The atomic bomb hoax And much more Note: Most of the episodes are in Swedish....

May 9, 2023
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We never went to the moon The Moonhoax (opens in a new tab) thread at the Cluesforum is about the book titled “We never went to the moon” by Bill Kaysing. Yes, the saying “If you can’t make it, fake it”, is very appropriate here. Both the book and the forum thread is very worth reading in my opinion.

May 9, 2023
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September 11 attacks: What happened on 9/11? Septemberclues (opens in a new tab) is a research site about the events on 9/11. There are many theories about what happened. All of them agree that there were planes crashing into the buildings. Except this theory. A detailed investigation of the video and sound material shows that there were no planes. It is a detailed psy-op planned a long time in advance. This might be difficult to understand at first, because the hoax is so big and the alleged events have been repeated over and over again....

May 9, 2023
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The TYCHOS forum The TYCHOS forum (opens in a new tab) started in 2022 and is a companion to the TYCHOS book and 3D Simulator. Description: “This forum is dedicated to discussions of the TYCHOS, a new geo-heliocentric model of our Solar System researched and developed by Simon Shack. The Tychosium 3D simulator is developed by Patrik Holmqvist.” Everybody are welcome to participate. But a requirement before posting is to read the TYCHOS book....

May 9, 2023
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TYCHOS Book and Simulator

The TYCHOS book and 3D Simulator The TYCHOS (opens in a new tab) is a new model of our solar system. It is “fully consistent with astronomical observation, physical reality and sheer logic” (Simon Shack). The 3D simulator has become so good, that it is now the most exact simulator of our solar system in existence. It is free and easy to use and easy to get started. Click on the link above and choose “The TYCHOSIUM”, then run the simulator online within your web browser....

May 9, 2023